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-Journals are shipping in the last week of October-

Years of Pilgrimage: The Journal

This travel + creativity journal is designed to help you capture and document those moments in life when inspiration strikes.

At 176 pages printed on beautiful 100gsm matt uncoated white paper, this premium bound hardback journal is finished in tactile book cloth on the outside, so it can wear any knocks and bumps along the way with you on your journeys.

Belle has created this journal specifically for you to capture your creativity when you need to, with full page canvas ready for your creativity paired with cues to record the date and time, your environment, and your mood at that time, all referenced by an index at the back for you to track your own journey.

From Belle:

"For me, this ‘pilgrimage’ is as much external as it is internal, where observations of external environment triggers an internal thought and creative response. This is what I experienced when creating the album. It was a fascinating process, and this process is what I wish to share with my listeners in this travel + creativity journal."

Years of Pilgrimage - The Journal

SKU: E0023 JNL
VAT Included |
  • 176 pages (excluding cover)
    100gsm quality paper stock
    Durable Book Cloth Hardcover
    Red Ribbon
    Black elastic enclosure

    Spine width is approximately 16.1mm
    A5 size

    Concept by Belle Chen
    Design by Amie Kim Hoang

    Printed in the UK

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