Sounds From Home
Welcome and thank you for getting involved in Sounds From Home!

I invite you to submit a recording of the ambient sounds from wherever you are in the world - I will improvise a piece to a selection of these sounds in a future video on Instagram and/or YouTube. 

Use your phone's voice recorder and capture 30 to 60 seconds of sounds wherever you are in the world! Recordings can then be submitted to the dropbox link provided upon completing this form. 

Please note - it's important that the file you submit is your own capture, and not a pre-recording of anybody else's work. This means that the sounds of nature, planes, trains and the streets are fine, but if there is clear and recognisable background music (like if on the radio or television for example) then unfortunately I won't be able to use your submitted file. 

I'll be thanking and sharing publicly so please do let me know where on social media to find you!

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