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View YouTube highlight reel featuring audio, video, and audience responses from the 2020 premiere.

⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎ - Limelight Magazine
⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎½ - GLAM Adelaide

"Adelaide has been truly lucky to have had the opportunity to let Belle Chen guide them on a sensory journey through various worlds with her unique musical compositions, quick pianist-fingers and acid-like, colourful visuals – the stage at Her Majesty’s Theatre may never see a greater pianist again."

- Georgina Smerd, GLAMAdelaide 4.5 Stars

"Chen’s touch on the piano is gorgeous."
- Michael Coghlan, TheClothesline

"...a performance admirable for both its virtuosity and innovation."

- Steve Evans, InDaily

"An absorbing performance by a unique musical innovator."
- Chris Reid, Limelight

"Beautiful pieces and flawless execution... A delightful surprise for all of your senses."

- Headphone Commute

The incomparable pianist Belle Chen presents Destinations, her Audio Visual show.


Transforming the stage into shifting environments with responsive visual elements, Belle Chen takes audiences on a journey through the world’s changing natural wonders, while musically traversing the realms of classical, avant-garde, world, sound art and electronica. 

Music and visuals are inspired by a range of Destinations including the Gobi Desert, Shifting Coastlines, Bushfires and Coral Reefs, this work covers a wide range of musical styles and sounds; a real journey from start to finish.  

Performing on acoustic piano, electric piano, synthesiser, kalimba, and triggering sound design, Belle is surrounded on stage by 3 screens onto which are projected an array of visuals that respond to her live performance at key moments. Be prepared to see her original compositions brought to life visually in the most delightful of ways.  


World Premiere presented by CAN Festival and Kings Place, February 2020
Australian Premiere presented by OzAsia Festival Adelaide, October 2021


This development of this work was supported by a commission from CAN UK with additional support from Arts Council England and Help Musicians UK.

From CAN:

Belle Chen has been commissioned by Chinese Arts Now for a new work following her performance of Global Soundscapes in our 2019 Festival at LSO St.Luke’s. Belle is one of only three artists to receive a commission from CAN for its next festival in February 2020, and she will receive the largest award.

CAN is supporting Belle, because it recognises that Belle makes a significant contribution to experimental and contemporary music that aligns with CAN’s aim to break-down traditional stereotypes of Chinese culture.

CAN is the first National Portfolio Organisation with Arts Council England to specifically support Chinese heritage artists (

Created by: 

Belle Chen - Piano, composition, artistic director

in collaboration with:

Visuals - Mario Radev (nominee Grand Jury Prize – Sundance Film Festival)
Design - Nick Robertson (Brian Eno, Coldplay)

UK Premiere Lighting - Nao Nagai (Bury Court Opera, Curious International)

UK Premiere Production - Steve Wald

UK Premiere Photography - Lidia Crusafulli


Australian Production - Jayden Sutherland (The Bakery Design Co.)

TECH RIDER, PRESS & MEDIA DOWNLOADS available on request via CONTACT page.

Destinations Belle Chen - photo by Lidia
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