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BELLE CHEN - The New Album.

The individualistic pianist-composer Belle Chen embarks on a musical pilgrimage with her new solo piano album; exploring her voice as a genre-fluid pianist-composer in today’s environment. 


This 12-track, 40-minute album is a dynamic journey across a wide musical landscape, with scenes inspired by travel, introspection, searching, and discovery. Splashes of jazz and Gamelan sound worlds can be heard in a curious blend with classical and post-classical sensitivities.


At times virtuosic, at times heartfelt, each composition on the album tells a story of its own, while collectively painting an evocative and cinematic listening journey. Chen also celebrates the piano’s storytelling prowess through her diverse stylistic approach to composing for the instrument.

“For a number of years I’ve pondered about my identity as a pianist-composer in today’s music scene. There had always been a sense of unease: I don’t fit cleanly into existing genres, and I had been constantly searching for a scene where my music may ‘belong.’ Then, after some time, I realised that I’m really standing alone on my own island, and perhaps it is time to light a torch and truly explore and embrace this island that I’m on.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this journey.”


Listen now on all good music services. 

Watch the Performance Video for Years of Pilgrimage


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