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FROMS is an exciting and engaging musical statement fusing Korean traditional, jazz, and classical music amongst an array of Eastern and Western sounds.

Formed in London, FROMS has performed in the UK, Belgium, and Korea, setting the stage alight at the 2018 K-Music Festival at the prestigious Kings Place in London.

In performance, FROMS invites the audience to explore the journey one takes to find one’s self when living in a foreign country.

FROMS (previously known as Urban Sound) debuted at National Theatre of Korea (2018), and Brunel Museum in London (2017), and was featured on Gugak TV Korea.


‘Their music transcends cultural barriers and 
embraces Asian tradition and modern sound’ 
(Gugak FM, Korea)

‘It was incredible... Dynamic and emotional’ 

(Josh McNorton, Artistic Director of Rich Mix in London)

FROMS Music Photo 4 600kb.png

Previous Performances:

K-Music Festival, King's Place, London, UK (2018)
Sounds of the World, London, UK (2018)

National Theatre of Korea, Seoul, South Korea (2018)

Elim Art Centre, Incheon, South Korea (2018)

Brunel Museum, London, UK (2017)


Space: Adaptable to both indoor and outdoor stages, concert halls, and alternative venues.

(FROMS has previously performed under the name, Urban Sound)

Wind: Free Improvisation ft. Lee Youngsub (daegeum)

Water: Free improvisation / A tribute to Tan Dun (2018)

Previous Performances

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