Episode 2: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

"A city that is a curious fusion of the old and new, and of the West and East. With a uniquely echoey acoustics, this is a city whose intricately complex and continually evolving culture is reflected through its pop music industry." Listen to it on iTunes. Stream via Stitcher clicking here. Download as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “save as.” Episode Notes: 1:30 Hong Kong's demographics 3:15 The echoey acoustic of Hong Kong, geography, concrete buildings 6:30 The impact of British colonisation 8:36 Speaking to Felix Lo, bilingual schooling, Chinese traditions and superstitions, British holidays 10:52 Finding the 'Hong Kong' identity through cuisine, dim sum, congee, yellow c

Episode 1: Amsterdam, Netherlands

"A city with a subtle soundscape, the breeding ground for impactful electronica producers and composers, and a city that embraces artis

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