Episode 3: Genoa, Italy

"An ancient port city full of historical legacies and rich in cultural heritage, the

crossroad between the sturdiness of mountain character and wealth brought by the sea."

Episode Notes:

0:58 Landscape, view from air 2:44 Molo, caruggi, Genoa's soundscapes in the Old Town 4:47 The bond with Mediterranean Sea and Ligurian mountains, Genoese cuisine 6:36 Niccolo Paganini 7:24 Trallalero, speaking to Giuseppe Zacchetti of La Squadra di Genova (translated by musicologist Floriana Asperti) 10:44 Porto Antico di Genova, the legacies of Middle Ages 12:23 Natalino Otto and Italian swing 13:29 Genoa's declining population 14:31 Life as young Genoese, speaking to pianist Simone Sammicheli 18:15 Fabrizio de Andre and the Genoese School of Singer-songwriters

Featured Music:

Niccolo Paganini: 24 Caprice, Op. 1 No. 5 in A minor

Umberto Bindi: Arrivederci

La Squadra di Genova: Le Figure

Natalino Otto: Ho un sassolino nella scarpa

Fabrizio de André: Via del campo

Luigi Tengo: Vedrai, vedrai

Extended listening on Spotify Playlist:

With many thanks to guests:

Giuseppe Zachetti & La Squadra di Genova: http://lasquadradigenova.it/en/

Floriana Asperti

Simone Sammicheli

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This season is co-produced by Eddie Liu (S.E. Film Production).

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