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Episode 1: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, the world in sounds

"A city with a subtle soundscape, the breeding ground for impactful electronica producers and composers, and a city that embraces artistic activities."

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Episode Notes:

2:00 Inner canal belt, sonic personality of Amsterdam, bikes & seagulls. 4:14 Music, record stores, red light district, Redlight Records 6:05 Electronic dance music 8:11 Amsterdam club licenses 9:06 Gentrification & Broedplaats 10:50 Speaking to Anastasia Kostner, Italian contemporary dancer 13:00 "War fries," Rijsttafel, Indonesian colonisation 14:27 Gamelan & Dutch composers and producers 16:37 The underground garbage compartments 18:13 Who do YOU listen to? 19:15 Speaking to Jerke van den Braak, algorithmic music-making software, New Path

Featured Music:

Yurki: Volcanic Jazz (made with New Path)

Legowelt: Elements of House

Dj Zanv: Pure

Noisia: Collider

Kyteman ft. ReaZun: Une Seule Fois

Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Lagu Babar Lajar (Instrumental) from Gamelan Aaron and Bonang

Tom Dissevelt: Gamelan

Kyteman ft. GMB: She blew like trumpets

Yurki: Garden of Prickly Caterpillars

Yurki: Maze Fauna

Yurki: Now This