Episode 3: Genoa, Italy

"An ancient port city full of historical legacies and rich in cultural heritage, the crossroad between the sturdiness of mountain character and wealth brought by the sea." Listen to it on iTunes. Stream via Stitcher clicking here. Download as an MP3 by right-clicking here and choosing “save as.” Episode Notes: 0:58 Landscape, view from air 2:44 Molo, caruggi, Genoa's soundscapes in the Old Town 4:47 The bond with Mediterranean Sea and Ligurian mountains, Genoese cuisine 6:36 Niccolo Paganini 7:24 Trallalero, speaking to Giuseppe Zacchetti of La Squadra di Genova (translated by musicologist Floriana Asperti) 10:44 Porto Antico di Genova, the legacies of Middle Ages 12:23 Natalino Otto a

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