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Episode 2: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Amsterdam, the world in sounds

"A city that is a curious fusion of the old and new, and of the West and East. With a uniquely echoey acoustics, this is a city whose intricately complex and continually evolving culture is reflected through its pop music industry."

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Episode Notes:

1:30 Hong Kong's demographics 3:15 The echoey acoustic of Hong Kong, geography, concrete buildings 6:30 The impact of British colonisation 8:36 Speaking to Felix Lo, bilingual schooling, Chinese traditions and superstitions, British holidays 10:52 Finding the 'Hong Kong' identity through cuisine, dim sum, congee, yellow curry fish balls, Cha Chaan Ting 13:22 Finding the 'Hong Kong' identity through music, Cantonese opera, classical music 15:32 Pop music, Hong Kong English pop, Cantopop, Mandopop 19:22 Current sentiment between Hong Kongers and Chinese 21:56 The unheard nature of Hong Kong

Featured Music:

Aaron Kwok: 對你愛不完 (Never Ending Love)

Shigeru Umebayashi: Yumeji's Theme from "In the Mood for Love"

Cantonese Opera: The Moon - Two Green Lotus Bitterly Imprisoned

Rebecca Pan: La Violetera

The Lotus: Just a Little

Leslie Cheung: Daydreamer

Sammi Cheng: Selected

Rebecca Pan: Kowloon, Hong Kong

Extended listening on Spotify Playlist:

With many thanks to guests:

Felix Lo

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Twitter: @bellepianist

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This episode is co-produced by Eddie Liu (S.E. Film Production).


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